Watch Correctly
We correctly reflect on various phenomena,
judge the cause and result, and see it from the standpoint of a third party.

To have an accurate judgment of things and a correct opinion based on it.
I understand that all causes of events are in mind, and that the appearance world is a result.
Do not get caught up in the established idea, so that you will know the truth.

Think Correctly
I do not have envy, bitches, angry, anger, hate, I do not think of myself.

Since various phenomena start from thinking, we lay the foundation of love that makes others use it.
I can not think rightly because my heart is crowded.
The only true thoughts are mercy and love. Other thoughts come from ego.

Speak Correctly
Let’s refrain from excessive compliments and verbal abuses and speak with true heart.

What you are thinking goes out as a word. The thought of love is the word of love. Speak Correctly is the word of love.
The word is a godly spirit, it made of particles of light. Do not defile gold light particles with black ideas.
Based on mercy and love, say the words.

Work Properly
I appreciate the duties given, let’s fulfill responsibilities and obligations.

Training of the soul (Reincarnation)
Harmony of the earth world (Take advantage of others by working on occupation and doing work.)
Gratitude and act of service (Serve people)

Live Correctly
Let’s recognize the mission of your life, correct the shortcomings and keep a harmonious life.

Good points and disadvantages need to be carefully determined, and efforts to correct Karma are necessary.
The advantages is bright, honest, cooperative, mutually complementing and complementing personality.
Two-thirds of the faults will be made in this world. The remaining third is inherited from the past world.

Let’s honor your heart to value interpersonal relationships and the environment, not to go over anything.

Harmony of human relations
The relationship between a couple, parents, brothers, friends, neighbors, society is guided by the idea of love.

Correct Idea
I know what is enough for everything. Let’s create a heart that gives priority to harmony.

Since sense is purpose conscious, it means action.
Thoughts other than mercy and love become the hotbed of Karma.
Middle thought is mercy and love. It means a state of balance in harmony.

Stability Of Mind
Let’s make reflections on the ideas and actions of today.

The mind is stabilized and immovable heart is being cultivated.
We need to make stable immovable hearts to our daily lives.
The purpose is harmony of the mind, stability and spiritual wisdom.